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As the unofficial gateway to the Midwest Ohio has silently become one of the largest states in America. Due to Ohio's location in-between the states of the East Coast and those of the Great Plains coupled with its natural water transportation resources of the Ohio River and the Great Lakes it has attracted many businesses to the Buckeye state. Ohio's large roll in trade and transportation led to its growth first as an industrial powerhouse and later as a financial and services economic hub. The trading traditions of Ohio are evident to today's traveller. Many people from the North East, the Deep South, and the Western states remark that Ohio feels like home after a short stay. This may be due to Ohio's integration of culture and traditions from many parts of the country, making Ohio the crossroads of America.

so much to discover

  1. Take a charter boat on Lake Erie.
  2. Catch a fly ball in Jacobs Field during an Indians game.
  3. Scream from the top of your lungs at Cedar Point.
  4. Try the Maple Syrup, it's good.
  5. Rock on at the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.
  6. Tailgate before a OSU Buckeyes football game.
  7. Swirl a glass on the Wine trails of Lake Erie.
  8. Tour the Professional Football Hall of Fame in Akron.
  9. Visit the Amish in Holmes county for a romantic getaway.

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